Baltazar Rubio is currently serving as a trial attorney for the Delaware County Office of the Public Defender.  He has spent over a decade representing indigent individuals in Delaware County.  Mr. Rubio also has a private practice office in Upper Darby, PA where he practices Family Law, Landlord Tenant Law and fights for small businesses in Contractor Sub-Contractor claim suits.  Baltazar has spent his legal career fighting for the rights of his clients.

Prior to attending Widener Law School, Mr. Rubio earned a living as a general contractor. Baltazar owned a small building company and worked in and around the Tri-State area remodeling residential homes and doing sub-contracting work for subdivision developers.  These experiences are invaluable to informing Mr. Rubio’s views of small business development and taxation.

Baltazar served a term on the School Board in the Chester Upland School District, and was an Assistant City Solicitor in the City of Chester. He was a part of the board who took local control from the State run appointees and fought Governor Corbett to keep local control of the budget for the benefit of the District. He performed these duties until 2012 when he was involved in motorcycle accident that took his left leg, and very nearly took his life.  A distracted driver struck him head on while he was operating his Harley Davidson.  He returned to work 5 months after the accident with a new view on life and perseverance.

Before the accident Mr. Rubio was a mountain climber, summiting Mount Rainier in 2010 and a rock climber.  He was pursuing his skydiving license and enjoyed white water rafting and sport cycling.  After the accident he had to relearn how to walk, then run, then ride.  As a part of rehabilitation he took up long distance cycling for charities.  This season he will take part in the American Cancer Society Bike-A-Thon, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation’s MS 150, the Tour De Shore ride to benefit fallen police officers children, and the 5 Borough’s Tour through New York City.  Baltazar views charity riding as a way to give back and get healthy at the same time.  Click here for an article about how Baltazar is pursuing his passion for cycling today, “Making Molehills of Mountains…and Pedaling Toward Everest.”

Determined to not take any moment for granted, Baltazar moved with his wife Licette to Havertown to begin their family.  Mr. Rubio believes in the value of a Haverford Public School Education and wanted to raise his children in a suburban lifestyle, with family values and community involvement.  To this end he chose to re-enter public life and run for office.

Mr. Rubio’s career as a Public Defender has shaped the way he sees the Criminal Justice System.  Mr. Rubio believes that we need to provide options other than incarceration for those who suffer from addiction.  It may not be a choice to use opioids but a terrible addiction, which not only harms the user but the Commonwealth through expensive incarceration and prosecution.  We need to re-evaluate our thinking on how we treat those with addiction and the money we save on prisons can be directed towards treatment and reintegration.

Mr. Rubio’s experience as a small business owner informs how he intends to legislate for small business owners.  Many of the 166th residents are small business people who need tax relief and business development assistance and legislation.  We can target tax and legislative relief towards individuals and small companies that need it the most because Pennsylvania will be stronger if our small businesses are stronger.

Baltazar Rubio’s views of family extend to the seniors who he believes need assistance through property tax relief.  It is important to help seniors maintain their dignity and independence as long as they wish to and expanding Pennsylvania’s property tax rebate program will help seniors afford their medications, mortgage, and independent lifestyle.

            “I want to go to Harrisburg to help my community improve and thrive.

Mr. Rubio believes that we need a legislator who will fight for us the way he fights for his client’s interests.  Baltazar believes we need strong leadership and representation in the capital and with his experience as a litigator and negotiator he knows he will be able to find support on both sides of the aisles to benefit the 166th Legislative District.