Local Politics is NOT What You Think!

Most residents have the perception that local politics is all about meetings, dollars and cents, and kissing babies.  Well, there is a little bit of baby kissing involved, but there is much more to local politics. I think that if most people really think about it, they realize this, but have become desensitized because of all of the fist throwing, name calling national politics of the last few years.  The facts are simple, though.  Local politics is about one thing: People.  Every politician at the local level gets involved so that they can help people. Helping people certainly encompasses many different tasks.  From visiting older citizens who cannot visit me, to checking out the little league field and seeing if there are any grants available that can help make it even better.  From Helping to manage the budget for the State, to writing bills to help alleviate the property tax issues.  From dealing with issues that will help local businesses, to attracting new local business that will inject even more money into the local economy.  These are just a few of the things that a local politician must deal with in order to help people.

When you walk in to the voting booth on May 15th this year, remember that Baltazar Rubio is an attorney who has endured many of the same hardships that residents in the `166th legislative district have endured. I am a family man, raising two children right here in Havertown. I am committed to remaining here, and I WANT to be your State Representative.  My opponent, is clearly not as committed.  He has held the office for over 25 years, and has recently thrown his name in the ring to move up to a bigger paycheck, and a position that will have him in Washington, not Havertown and Radnor.  Mr. Vitali has become a complacent representative, who is so dedicated to being your State Representative, that he is trying to leave the position.  Te people in the 166th legislative district deserve more than that.  You deserve better than that. When you elect me to be your State Representative, you will electing the best man for the job.  Please come out to vote for me on May 15th, and again in November.