I completed a survey for the O.C.A.N. group. This is a group founded by a fellow church member who is completely dedicated to helping in our opioid crisis. This group, like so many others, is a reminder of the many tragedies brought about by drug abuse and addiction. I am proud to try to be a part of the solution. Please take a moment to review the site and consider what is at stake here. We can help now to avoid unnecessary tragedies if we act now. My campaign was started with the idea that on day one I would work to help groups like these and many others fights for the futures of our children and our communities. We will begin with legislation that can assist those who need time to recovery. We can then take this message with us to our churches and faith communities, action groups and families, then fuse this message and new laws with positive action. I believe in fighting for proper opioid and addiction treatment and on day one will take this kind of fight to Harrisburg for the 166th.

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