Do People Really Care About Partisan Politics? I Say No!

Walking door to door today (121 doors down) and the most startling thing was a registered
Democrat I ran into on Heatherwood in Havertown. This gentleman mentioned he had
switched during the Obama years and didn’t return to the Republican Party. He mentioned
his disdain for our current Representative then Offered to donate to the campaign! It goes to
show that no matter the party, if you pay attention to the politician and IF you do not
partake in Political Tribalism you will demand more of your representatives and will be
willing to cross party lines to vote for someone who is willing to at least try their hardest to
make a difference! I am officially reinvigorated! Thank you Mr. Democrat, I look forward to
hearing form you in November and thereafter!
Political Tribalism is a cancer on our system. We must be able to evaluate our candidates
fairly and justly without regard for party affiliation. It is an exercise in open mindedness.
However in the era of the Social Media echo chambers it is becoming harder to listen to
anyone that does not immediately fit the stereotypical idea of a tribal compatriot. This is the
mental metastasis that is crippling our republic’s dialog. We must resist the urge to “shut the
door” immediately and at least grant of ourselves the few moments to listen and perhaps a
few more to research the candidate before we make our final decisions in November.
I would suggest you take a good long look at the person for whom you wish to vote; and if,
for example, they do not have a positive record of success during their incumbency, then it is
imperative you achieve change. Stagnation in Harrisburg is not worth the price of the Tribal
imperative. We deserve better.