Greg Vitali has not represented our district in any meaningful way since he took office in 1993. Our current representative has not passed any legislation since his first year in office and has been stripped of all of his leadership positions by his own party. Our district has sent him to Harrisburg 13 times and he has brought nothing back for the district. Greg Vitali’s job performance is unacceptable, avoidable and a bi-partisan problem.

My campaign began in February of this year and I thought that it would be driven by a thorough discussion of the issues that affect the constituents of the 166th. Unfortunately, my criticism of Mr. Vitali has nothing to do with the laws or policies he advances because he only advances one. My opponent says that his biggest priority is the environment, despite acknowledging that he believes the issue most important to his constituents is education. (Radnor Studio 21 Interview August 2018). Regardless, he has not passed one piece of legislation about any issue, let alone the environment. This is a problem that faces both political parties and independent voters. Regardless, of one’s political leanings, we all deserve an effective representative first and foremost.

Greg Vitali ignores his constituents’ concerns, passes no measures in Harrisburg and has never had to take accountability for his job performance. It has now become my responsibility, as his opponent, to make him answer for 26 years of wholly ineffective leadership.

As a taxpayer and candidate I request that he appear in a neutral forum and debate, and be made to answer for his decades of ineffective representation.


Baltazar Rubio, Esq.
Candidate for the 166th Legislative District.