Once again Greg Vitali shows how far out of touch he is on issues that matter to us. Aren’t we finally ready to vote him out office yet?

On Tuesday September 25th Greg Vitali Voted AGAINST removing the statute of limitations for prosecuting Rape and other Sex crimes. Vitali is voting against protecting the women and children of our Commonwealth from sexual abusers. This is wrong and should not stand. Please see:

1) Senate Bill 261

2) 181 yea votes to 13 nay votes.  Vitali voted against.

Senate Bill 261 was voted on this past Tuesday and it would remove the Criminal Statute of limitations for crimes like: Rape, Sexual Abuse of Children, and Sexual Trafficking of Children, among other grounds.

In the same vote Mr. Vitali voted no to allowing an enhanced time limitation (32 years) to bring a civil suit against the abusers and make these predators accountable.

Mr. Vitali has had a long record of voting against protecting the community from sexual abusers dating back to 2011 when he voted against the Megan’s Law update, House Bill 75 Please see:

1) House Bill 75
2) 197 yea votes, with Vitali being the only nay vote

Mr. Vitali should be made to explain why he does not wish to protect the community from sexual abusers. In this day and age, his votes are inconsistent with our community of women who make the 166th so vibrant and successful. In the era of the “Me Too” movement, Mr. Vitali it taking the weapons for fighting back away from the people who need them the most.

I challenge Mr. Vitali to answer to these and other votes against our community by meeting me in a debate in a neutral forum within a week of the publication of this message. Mr. Vitali the 166th demands answers and I challenge you to come forward and speak to your district and explain why you vote against our safety.

Baltazar Rubio, Esquire
Candidate for 166th Legislative District.