Among the many issues our district faces today, is one near and dear to heart.  Although not running for school board I do support full day kindergarten.  It has been shown to have a very positive effect on the children and helps them advance further, faster.  My children will be entering school in  the next few years so I have a vested interest in fighting to make this a reality any way I can from Harrisburg.  As parents of school age children we can all appreciate the benefits to our family budgets that a full day would bring.  And as parents we all want the best for our children, so this proposal makes the most sense for those of us who are only looking to advance our children’s education.

As a funding issue I will fight to increase spending in this area.  Also I would be behind any effort to review Pennsylvania’s funding formula which controls all of our educational spending.  My previous experience serving on the Chester Upland School Board taught me that it is very important to have a functional Educational Budget.  It is one of the largest items in Pennsylvania’s budget package.  We need to make sure that all the children in the Commonwealth are treated fairly, and I pledge to make sure all the children in the 166th stay at the head of the class.