I have a personal beef with distracted drivers.  As you can read below in the articles, peoples bad habit of driving while texting or driving distracted quite literally cost me an arm and a leg; oh and my dream Harley as well.

We all see it each and every day: someone driving along while looking down.  Smart Phones are everywhere and with them so is our attention.  This must end.  Because it is far too crowded out there on the streets already and the last thing we need is for people to be paying attention to Facebook or Snapchat while entering a busy intersection on Route 3 or Township Line Road.  The costs in Police, Fire, Medical, economic and social resources could be better spent on residents that need them for other reasons than someone who is victimized by carelessness. We should take into account that a car is a 4 thousand pound battering ram and no one wants to be the door.

Currently Pennsylvania only penalizes distracted driving as a $50.00 ticket.  This is woefully insufficient.  True there are criminal laws that can be brought to bear in cases like mine; however there is not enough awareness and not enough deterrence to cause people to think about the penalty prior to playing candy crush while driving.

When I go to Harrisburg I will propose to more than double the fine for distracted driving.  It also would be useful to work with PennDot to more actively stress the need to concentrate on driving only.  I will advocate adding a section to the PennDot driving test regarding this dangerous activity. It is imperative to reach the younger drivers who are more tied to their phones than the older drivers who did not grow up in the Smart Phone generation.  I will do everything I can to raise awareness of this situation through the State and make Pennsylvania’s roads just a bit safer for all the rest of us.