This is a real thing folks and I will let you hear why directly from the person sporting this shirt.

“I chose to ask Baltazar for a Democrats for Rubio t-shirt after he came to my door one evening to campaign. He expressed how he is upset by the partisan hatred currently being fueled by politicians that hold office and would like to facilitate more bi-partisan discussions. I am of the same mind and am incredibly troubled by the vitriol which stops actual conversation and the possibility of progress in our government. Furthermore, his dedication to working with individuals effected by opioid addiction is one that has effected my family personally and I agree with Baltazar that what we need is support and treatment for addiction and not just punishment for a disease. These are just two enumerated reasons that I plan on reaching across the aisle and voting for Baltazar Rubio on November 6th and I urge you to do the same.”

I will say this in addition:

I REJECT the hate and anger of this campaign season. This is a product of decades of Gerrymandering and partisan politics. I vow to fight to put an end to this kind of politicking. It does not represent us and our community. If you can not run in a fairly drawn district then you should not represent any district.

I likewise REJECT polar politics. Nothing good can come of forcing your way through the governmental process just to achieve your immediate goal. If we continue to let the 51% dominate the 49% we will rue the day they gain that missing 2%. Then we will wish we had listened. But if we listen now then we can avoid backlash and harsh polar politics later. This is a lesson i am teaching my toddlers: to listen, and hear the other person and not just do things to get your way. We should do this better as adults.

I REJECT bigotry of all sorts. As a Latino and as a father I will teach my children tolerance and pride in ourselves without derision of others because they are different from us in any way big or small. This is a Christian lesson, this is a life lesson, and we should practice this in our government. Not practice religious government; but practice tolerant and understanding government. On October 4th I attended and spoke publicly in support of Haverford School District’s L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ policy 529. This protects children, period. It is tolerant and I support our kids, period. What else needs to be said here?

Last night I attended Haverford Township’s Racial Forum. It is important to understand that we are a racially diverse community and will become more so in the future. The 166th is affluent and diverse at the same time and should be lauded for this achievement. But we should also make sure that we are being respectful and open in our conversations about race. As a Latino raising a family in our district it is important to me to make sure my children’s future is as secure as I can make it and meetings like this one start securing that future for my kids.

Lastly, I want to say that as a Republican I am proud that my message has been accepted by many Democrats. It is not that they are traitors to their party or some other partisan pejorative. (That kind of thinking and will only widen the gap between us.) These folks who wear my shirt are saying that they have spoken to me and they see that I “get it.” I do truly understand that we are not R’s or D’s first. We are Americans first, then Pennsylvanians, then residents of the 166th, then we can chose parties. Understanding this mean I understand the true nature of a Representative; which is to represent the People First. That is why I am running and why she is wearing this shirt.

Please check out this campaign at and please PRESS B-6 ON NOVEMBER 6TH for a new Representative.