Small Business Tax Relief


As your State Representative, I will lower taxes for small business owners by lowering the personal income tax (P.I.T.).

Prior to working as an attorney I owned and ran a small contracting firm.  It started out, as many businesses do, as a one-man one-truck operation, which grew to have several employees, and it became clear that in order to pay my employees what they were worth it was necessary to cut significantly into any profit margin.

After a work injury I decided to change careers and proceed into the field of law.  Never wanting to give up being an entrepreneur, I still maintain a boutique practice in addition to Public Defense. 

These experiences have informed my views on small business taxation and growth.  It is clear that in order for small scale operations to flourish you have to incentivize these working people to hire more and pay better.  This can be accomplished through a lowering of the Personal Income Tax in Pennsylvania. 

Many small businesses are not corporations they are sole practitioners who file as sole proprietors thus their income is personal and could be lowered to give back to these employers some of their hard earned profit margin.  This would not encourage corporatism or corporate welfare.  This is targeted to non corporate income which equals more for the unincorporated business owner who is generally a small business man or woman. 


In Pennsylvania, Delaware County and the 166th the business statistics are roughly as we see them below:  

999, 591 small businesses in PA

2.4 million workers in 2014 (47.3% of private sector)


            Population: 561,844

            # of small businesses: 51,427 (0-499 employees)

            % of total county business: 99.92%

            Total establishments: 12,628

                        1-19 employees: 10,877 (86.13%)

                        20-99 employees: 1,461 (11.57%)

                        100-499 employees: 251 (0.02%)

                        +499 employees: 39 (0.003%)

            As a Commonwealth and as a District we would stand to gain from a lowering of the P.I.T. as at least one of the ways we could help the small businessperson and this should be the focus of a larger tax reform plan that I would endorse in Harrisburg.