Property tax abatement for senior citizens


Senior citizens, particularly those on fixed incomes, are burdened by high property taxes. These citizens should receive rebates or tax abatement from local property taxes that would help offset this burden.   Our current scheme only allows for a maximum rebate on income of $650.00 dollars if you make up to $8,000.00 and it goes down to $250.00 maximum if you make up to $35,000.00.  These rates are for homeowners.  The renters rebate is a flat $650.00 in the income brackets.

Now this all seems wrong to my mind, these numbers might not even cover unreimbursed medical costs or medication costs for those seniors who are in need. As retirement age creeps back away from 65 to 67 and in the cases where retirement is not a viable option due to debt and changing life circumstances we need to focus on helping our seniors by recognizing their lifetime of contribution by taking less at a time when they need more.

These rates are for homeowners and could be a contributing factor in the rise of reverse mortgages used as supplemental income.  We should not penalize homeowners by forcing them to have to leverage their properties to live.

This rebate is paid for by the Pennsylvania Lottery, which generated over 4 Billion dollars in 2017 and netted over 1 Billion.  It only seems fair to increase the share of revenue to the seniors through the augmented use of gaming in Pennsylvania.

In Harrisburg I would propose to at least double the maximum rebate figures in all income categories; because it is hard enough to live on $35,000.00 a year as a younger healthy person but must be especially difficult on those who are in constant need of care and expensive medications.  So we must work together to help our seniors and I will pledge to work for them in Harrisburg.