18 Oct

Democrats for Rubio – it’s a real thing


This is a real thing folks and I will let you hear why directly from the person sporting this shirt.

“I chose to ask Baltazar for a Democrats for Rubio t-shirt after he came to my door one evening to campaign. He expressed how he is upset by the partisan hatred currently being fueled by politicians that hold office and would like to facilitate more bi-partisan discussions. I am of the same mind and am incredibly troubled by the vitriol which stops actual conversation and the possibility of progress in our government. Furthermore, his dedication to working with individuals effected by opioid addiction is one that has effected my family personally and I agree with Baltazar that what we need is support and treatment for addiction and not just punishment for a disease. These are just two enumerated reasons that I plan on reaching across the aisle and voting for Baltazar Rubio on November 6th and I urge you to do the same.”

I will say this in addition:

I REJECT the hate and anger of this campaign season. This is a product of decades of Gerrymandering and partisan politics. I vow to fight to put an end to this kind of politicking. It does not represent us and our community. If you can not run in a fairly drawn district then you should not represent any district.

I likewise REJECT polar politics. Nothing good can come of forcing your way through the governmental process just to achieve your immediate goal. If we continue to let the 51% dominate the 49% we will rue the day they gain that missing 2%. Then we will wish we had listened. But if we listen now then we can avoid backlash and harsh polar politics later. This is a lesson i am teaching my toddlers: to listen, and hear the other person and not just do things to get your way. We should do this better as adults.

I REJECT bigotry of all sorts. As a Latino and as a father I will teach my children tolerance and pride in ourselves without derision of others because they are different from us in any way big or small. This is a Christian lesson, this is a life lesson, and we should practice this in our government. Not practice religious government; but practice tolerant and understanding government. On October 4th I attended and spoke publicly in support of Haverford School District’s L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ policy 529. This protects children, period. It is tolerant and I support our kids, period. What else needs to be said here?

Last night I attended Haverford Township’s Racial Forum. It is important to understand that we are a racially diverse community and will become more so in the future. The 166th is affluent and diverse at the same time and should be lauded for this achievement. But we should also make sure that we are being respectful and open in our conversations about race. As a Latino raising a family in our district it is important to me to make sure my children’s future is as secure as I can make it and meetings like this one start securing that future for my kids.

Lastly, I want to say that as a Republican I am proud that my message has been accepted by many Democrats. It is not that they are traitors to their party or some other partisan pejorative. (That kind of thinking and will only widen the gap between us.) These folks who wear my shirt are saying that they have spoken to me and they see that I “get it.” I do truly understand that we are not R’s or D’s first. We are Americans first, then Pennsylvanians, then residents of the 166th, then we can chose parties. Understanding this mean I understand the true nature of a Representative; which is to represent the People First. That is why I am running and why she is wearing this shirt.

Please check out this campaign at and please PRESS B-6 ON NOVEMBER 6TH for a new Representative.

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26 Oct

Rubio endorsed by SEPAC

Baltazar Rubio is pleased to announce that he has been endorsed by SEPAC (the PAC for the Delaware County, Main Line and TriCounty Area Chambers of Commerce). 

“SEPAC’s key consideration in this process was whether the board of directors was convinced that a candidate brings a pro-business orientation that is inclusive to businesses of all types and sizes…  When it came to issues, general business climate, ensuring a strong work force for our companies, finding a way to make health care more affordable and efficient as an employee benefit and properly funding transportation infrastructure were key discussion points with the candidates interviewed and surveyed.”

Read their endorsement letter here.

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18 Oct

Letter to the Editor


Greg Vitali has not represented our district in any meaningful way since he took office in 1993. Our current representative has not passed any legislation since his first year in office and has been stripped of all of his leadership positions by his own party. Our district has sent him to Harrisburg 13 times and he has brought nothing back for the district. Greg Vitali’s job performance is unacceptable, avoidable and a bi-partisan problem.

My campaign began in February of this year and I thought that it would be driven by a thorough discussion of the issues that affect the constituents of the 166th. Unfortunately, my criticism of Mr. Vitali has nothing to do with the laws or policies he advances because he only advances one. My opponent says that his biggest priority is the environment, despite acknowledging that he believes the issue most important to his constituents is education. (Radnor Studio 21 Interview August 2018). Regardless, he has not passed one piece of legislation about any issue, let alone the environment. This is a problem that faces both political parties and independent voters. Regardless, of one’s political leanings, we all deserve an effective representative first and foremost.

Greg Vitali ignores his constituents’ concerns, passes no measures in Harrisburg and has never had to take accountability for his job performance. It has now become my responsibility, as his opponent, to make him answer for 26 years of wholly ineffective leadership.

As a taxpayer and candidate I request that he appear in a neutral forum and debate, and be made to answer for his decades of ineffective representation.


Baltazar Rubio, Esq.
Candidate for the 166th Legislative District.

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27 Sep

Greg Vitali voted AGAINST victims of sexual violence



Once again Greg Vitali shows how far out of touch he is on issues that matter to us. Aren’t we finally ready to vote him out office yet?

On Tuesday September 25th Greg Vitali Voted AGAINST removing the statute of limitations for prosecuting Rape and other Sex crimes. Vitali is voting against protecting the women and children of our Commonwealth from sexual abusers. This is wrong and should not stand. Please see:

1) Senate Bill 261

2) 181 yea votes to 13 nay votes.  Vitali voted against.

Senate Bill 261 was voted on this past Tuesday and it would remove the Criminal Statute of limitations for crimes like: Rape, Sexual Abuse of Children, and Sexual Trafficking of Children, among other grounds.

In the same vote Mr. Vitali voted no to allowing an enhanced time limitation (32 years) to bring a civil suit against the abusers and make these predators accountable.

Mr. Vitali has had a long record of voting against protecting the community from sexual abusers dating back to 2011 when he voted against the Megan’s Law update, House Bill 75 Please see:

1) House Bill 75
2) 197 yea votes, with Vitali being the only nay vote

Mr. Vitali should be made to explain why he does not wish to protect the community from sexual abusers. In this day and age, his votes are inconsistent with our community of women who make the 166th so vibrant and successful. In the era of the “Me Too” movement, Mr. Vitali it taking the weapons for fighting back away from the people who need them the most.

I challenge Mr. Vitali to answer to these and other votes against our community by meeting me in a debate in a neutral forum within a week of the publication of this message. Mr. Vitali the 166th demands answers and I challenge you to come forward and speak to your district and explain why you vote against our safety.

Baltazar Rubio, Esquire
Candidate for 166th Legislative District.

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25 Sep

Supporting the Opioid Crisis Action Network

I completed a survey for the O.C.A.N. group. This is a group founded by a fellow church member who is completely dedicated to helping in our opioid crisis. This group, like so many others, is a reminder of the many tragedies brought about by drug abuse and addiction. I am proud to try to be a part of the solution. Please take a moment to review the site and consider what is at stake here. We can help now to avoid unnecessary tragedies if we act now. My campaign was started with the idea that on day one I would work to help groups like these and many others fights for the futures of our children and our communities. We will begin with legislation that can assist those who need time to recovery. We can then take this message with us to our churches and faith communities, action groups and families, then fuse this message and new laws with positive action. I believe in fighting for proper opioid and addiction treatment and on day one will take this kind of fight to Harrisburg for the 166th.

Click here for more information about O.C.A.N.

Click here for O.C.A.N.’s policy platform

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05 Sep

Battling the Opioid Crisis with Strength and Compassion

Approximately one-hundred Delaware County citizens and business leaders had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion and law enforcement presentation on the opioid epidemic sponsored by the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce on August 21st. It was encouraging to see such a diverse group of motivated and passionate individuals come together to have a dialogue about this incredibly important issue. The future of our community will depend on how we address this issue. From the beginning of my campaign I have advocated for a swift, compassionate and lasting solution to this epidemic. It was apparent that the panelists and law enforcement representatives share my passion to bring a compassionate end to this epidemic.

The highlight of the morning, for me, was when Chief Joseph Ryan, Delaware County Criminal Investigations Division, spoke about Delaware County’s NARCAN program. Our county was the first in the state of Pennsylvania to equip on-patrol law enforcement officers with the life-saving, opioid inhibitor, NARCAN. Before, November of 2015 it was illegal in Pennsylvania for law enforcement to administer any medication to citizens. From the day the law was passed, almost three years ago, our officers in Delaware County have been equipped with and been saving lives with NARCAN. To date over 1,200 people have been given a second chance to be with their loved ones, to overcome their addiction and to make a difference in the life of a fellow human being still struggling. I commend our law enforcement community for their efforts and I am proud to be running for office in the first county to put saving lives over the political pressure to prosecute.

Saving lives is our first priority. However, we cannot abandon people struggling with addiction after their first contact with the system. Life has many facets and someone living with addiction needs support in finding employment. Being employed is not only a way to sustain someone financially but it also gives a person a sense of purpose and self-reliance. Our District Attorney Kat Copeland outlined our county’s treatment court program, another first for the state of Pennsylvania. Part of treatment court is job placement and a part of job placement is educating employers on how to compassionately work with someone in recovery. Reengaging people in recovery with the local economy is imperative to their long-term success and will benefit our community as a whole. I strongly support our treatment court program and would fight for funds in Harrisburg to bolster this program and others like it.

From the beginning I have been advocating for a compassionate response to this epidemic and sometimes that means taking an unpopular position. It is of the utmost importance that we address this epidemic as a medical issue and not as a criminal justice problem. We must stop labeling this segment of our community as criminals. They are citizens that are suffering and need our support just like those fighting any other recognized diseases. I was happy to hear that our treatment court program has “some tracks that result in expungement.” While appreciating the need to provide law enforcement with tools to help in this epidemic, I strongly support expungement for all non-delivery offenses. My campaign is advocating for a system that allows for law enforcement to transport addicts to treatment but that does not end with a criminal conviction. I am anxious to get to Harrisburg to continue to promote a compassionate response and to further the good work we have started in Delaware County.

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05 Jun

Opioid Overdose Intervention Act of 2018

This statute will provide for a temporary hold for treatment for overdose victims at the discretion of the police and/ or first responders.

This would apply only to the person who has suffered the overdose. There would be no impact on the person reporting the overdose victim. The overdose victim would retain immunity from criminal prosecution if they were otherwise entitled to said immunity. The hold would be for treatment purposes only.

This statute will provide for Due Process protections for the overdose victim.

This hold will not negatively affect or influence any other Constitutional rights. This hold cannot be used as evidence of habitual drug abuse. Records of this treatment shall remain private.

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05 Jun

Environment and The 166th

One of the downsides of being a suburb of Philadelphia is that the 166th has to deal with air pollution. The American Lung Association gave our local area region (including Delaware County) a grade of “F” for ozone pollution. In order to clean the air in the 166th, we should place higher value on finding ways to to reduce traffic congestion. I would back efforts to review the traffic patterns on state highways in the 166th to improve flow and reduce the congestion that leads to air pollution. We should also increase awareness of alternatives like biking to work. Pennsylvania can work to improve our green energy ranking nationally by increasing our solar tax credit and property and sales tax exemptions to further encourage residents to install solar power and help us all breathe a little easier.

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24 May

Perseverance and Politics

While going door to door this year I found that it is unusual for a candidate running for State Legislative office to campaign in shorts and a golf shirt.  Some people wonder if I am looking for a lost golf ball in their neighborhood. When it is explained why I am displaying a prosthetic they completely understand.  This is both an intentional display of the results of distracted driving and it is also a public display of perseverance.  It is worth mentioning that being in a prosthetic and having a mangled left arm for me was not an end; it was and remains only a start point to a new style of life.

I jokingly see the leg as “bionics” or a chance to decorate without having to get another tattoo.  It is important to see all of life’s challenges for the positive qualities they possess.  In this instance I was slowed down enough to reprioritize making a family and going in a slower direction.  No longer was the skydiving license, rock climbing or white water rafting that important.  My children became the goal.

Many folks could use this type of injury as an excuse to quit.  When that thought creeps in one should think about our troops coming back with far worse injuries than this one.  We have all read articles regarding the creative and heroic ways they overcome their injuries. At that point I cannot condone self-pity.  It becomes time to pull myself up by my bootstrap and keep walking.

A new focus for me is now charity biking.  I am participating in the American Cancer Society ride from Philadelphia to Atlantic City in June, the Tour De Shore fund for Police officers family in July, and the Multiple Sclerosis MS 150 in September.  These rides give me purpose as a fundraiser and let me set physical goals while helping others.  It is also important to show people what someone with a “disability” can do.

After knocking on a Thousand doors so far people have responded positively to the leg and the story.  They seem to understand why I am running and what it means to them.  They see someone who is not going to quit on himself, someone who would not quit on his family and someone who will pledge not to quit on his district. Because as I walk this district, and at every door, I meet another good reason to persevere.

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24 May

Distracted Driving and Why We Must Do Better

I have a personal beef with distracted drivers.  As you can read below in the articles, peoples bad habit of driving while texting or driving distracted quite literally cost me an arm and a leg; oh and my dream Harley as well.

We all see it each and every day: someone driving along while looking down.  Smart Phones are everywhere and with them so is our attention.  This must end.  Because it is far too crowded out there on the streets already and the last thing we need is for people to be paying attention to Facebook or Snapchat while entering a busy intersection on Route 3 or Township Line Road.  The costs in Police, Fire, Medical, economic and social resources could be better spent on residents that need them for other reasons than someone who is victimized by carelessness. We should take into account that a car is a 4 thousand pound battering ram and no one wants to be the door.

Currently Pennsylvania only penalizes distracted driving as a $50.00 ticket.  This is woefully insufficient.  True there are criminal laws that can be brought to bear in cases like mine; however there is not enough awareness and not enough deterrence to cause people to think about the penalty prior to playing candy crush while driving.

When I go to Harrisburg I will propose to more than double the fine for distracted driving.  It also would be useful to work with PennDot to more actively stress the need to concentrate on driving only.  I will advocate adding a section to the PennDot driving test regarding this dangerous activity. It is imperative to reach the younger drivers who are more tied to their phones than the older drivers who did not grow up in the Smart Phone generation.  I will do everything I can to raise awareness of this situation through the State and make Pennsylvania’s roads just a bit safer for all the rest of us.

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