I’m starting an online fundraising campaign because trying to get a career politician out baltazar rubio pa166of office is not cheap nor easy!

I have spent most of my professional career as a Public Defender helping the indigent in Delaware County Pennsylvania. After many fruitless arguments for treatment and help, It occurred to me that my clients, and many residents of my district needed another strong advocate for them in Harrisburg. Someone who has spent years in the trenches with some one the most needy. We need laws that will help shed the stigma of drug addiction. Laws that will allow these people to beat their addictions and be able to return to their lives without too many additional costs and burdens of their involvement with the Criminal Courts. 

An issue near and dear to my heart is distracted driving. I was shocked to hear that the texting while driving penalty was a summary maximum fine of $50.00. This is not enough to deter anyone from reading their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts while operating a vehicle. I feel strongly about this because I was very nearly killed by a distracted driver while riding my Harley in 2012. This was 17 days after my wedding and as you can imagine it put the “worse” in “for better or worse.” No one deserves to be put through as much as my family was put through just because someone could not pay attention to the road. I will propose to steeply increase the fine and investigate other measures to add serious deterrence to distracted driving so we can all be a little safer on the roads. 

I hope you feel as passionately as I do about real life, every day issues we face here in the 166th legislative district.  I am talking about issues such as distracted driving, Senior Citizens being taxed out of their homes due to the property tax crisis faced by all Pennsylvanians, and the opioid struggles people from all walks of lice are facing.  If you, like me, realize that the same person doing the same job for over 25 years, with no visible positive change in our local quality of life, then please click on the button below to help me, and to help our communities, and our families. You’ll be glad you did!